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Youth Soccer Instructors Needed for Children Ages 2-8

Soccer Shots is the #1 Children’s Fitness franchise in the country. Why? Aside from the incredible curriculum, leadership, and passion, it’s because we only hire the best instructors to work with our children. Working with children is something we don’t take lightly, and it’s imperative that you not only enjoy working with children, but that you are incredibly passionate about it. Sure, we want you to have some soccer skills and to be familiar with the game, but more importantly, can you handle a group of three year olds? This is what truly separates Soccer Shots from everyone else - we are in this to impact children in such a way that we leave a lasting impression on them that will give them the confidence to be successful both on and off the field. We want our Soccer Shots sessions to be the BEST 30-40 minutes of each child’s week. If this excites you, read on to see how to become part of the #1 Children’s Fitness franchise in the country by joining our team and impacting the next generation.

We have sessions running Monday through Friday at childcare centers and Park Programs in the evenings and Saturday mornings. There is some flexibility in scheduling; meaning that if there are some morning or afternoons where you aren’t available, we can work around that. However, once your schedule is set with us, it won’t change. You’ll be at the same locations at the same times each week, and we need you to be committed for the entire season.

We are currently hiring for our spring season, which lasts a minimum of 8-10 weeks. This may be extended if we have weather cancellations that we’ll need to make up. We're hiring now so we can use the next several weeks to train you, and bring you on board as we prepare for the season.

The ideal instructor MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Responsible: Arrives on time to each session, can handle a group of 10 or more children, keeps accurate attendance, communicates well with Soccer Shots director of coaching, etc.
  • Professional: Neat in appearance, friendly and courteous with day care center staff and director as well as parents, self-assured.
  • Enthusiastic: Must enjoy interacting with young children (2 – 8 years old), and be able to connect with them on their level, making the Soccer Shots class the best 30- 40 minutes of their week. You must be very outgoing and animated; able to be silly with the children.
  • Soccer: Soccer experience is preferred, however, if you are great with children and have some familiarity with the game, that would work.
  • Working with children: Must be able to engage and interact with 2-8 year olds and have experience doing so. This is very important.
  • Fun – enjoys having FUN with young kids, using your imagination, and watching kids smile.
  • Patient – must be a patient person who understands young kids.
  • Reliable Transportation – must have a safe and reliable car. You are responsible for driving yourself to your sites. You must have a clean driving record
  • Background check cleared – A successful candidate must pass a Federal & State Background Check and FBI Fingerprinting.
  • CPR/ First Aid Certified You need to be certified in cpr/ first aid or willing to get certified.



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